AAA Abco Termite & Pest Control Inc

We offer termite control in Manhattan, NY

Protect the integrity of your home. AAA Abco Termite & Pest Control Inc provides homeowners in Stony Brook, New York and the surrounding area with expert termite control services. Termites can ruin your framing, furniture and more. Banish them for good by hiring professional exterminators headquartered in Stony Brook, NY, serving Suffolk and Nassau County, Queens and Manhattan.

How do termites damage your property?

There are more than 2,000 species of termites in the world. However, there are only a few you need to worry about. Subterranean, drywood, dampwood and Formosan termites cause the most damage in homes. These termites can:

  • Create tunnels underground to enter your home
  • Eat up to 15 pounds of wood per week
  • Build colonies in decaying wood
  • Eat the wood framing of your home

If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, you need a professional ASAP. Call 800-246-0618 or 631-979-2226 right now to book a termite inspection or treatment.