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If you notice signs of a mouse scurrying around your house, chances are there's more than one of them. AAA Abco Termite & Pest Control Inc offers mouse extermination services in the Suffolk and Nassau County, Queens and Manhattan, NY areas. We'll send these critters packing fast.

Mice can enter your home through dime-sized cracks and small holes. They move indoors to seek shelter from weather and to find food sources. They can easily find food by rummaging in cabinets and pantries and picking up crumbs on the floor.

Keep your home and food safe from mice by scheduling pest control services today. We treat homes and offices in Suffolk and Nassau County, Queens and Manhattan, NY.

We'll work quickly to eliminate rodents

The first thing we'll do is try to identify points of entry where mice access your house. In addition to treating the mice infestation, we'll help you prevent future issues. We recommend:

  • Cleaning your home
  • Setting traps and baits
  • Sealing off sites where mice can get in
An exterminator will return to collect traps and assess the progress made to eliminate mice. Call 800-246-0618 or 631-979-2226 today to learn more about our mice removal services offered in Suffolk and Nassau County, Queens and Manhattan, NY.